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khalihan me..ganj me soso ka dali..pata sahit...taki..kisi dustaatma is me hath na dal sake..ye manna hai..logon ka

छोटानागपुर kastkari अधिनियम (सी एन टी एक्ट) और संताल परगना kastkari अधिनियम (एस पी टी एक्ट) के कुछ प्रावधानों में sanshodhan संभव नहीं है

28 फरवरी 2012
जनजातीय सलाहकार परिषद के सदस्य प्रो डी हांसदा का कहना है कि छोटानागपुर kastkari अधिनियम (सी एन टी एक्ट) और संताल परगना kastkari अधिनियम (एस पी टी एक्ट) के कुछ प्रावधानों में sanshodhan संभव नहीं है। उन्होंने कहा कि 1990 में हुए संविधान के 66 वें sanshodhan की वजह से ऐसा हुआ है। 66 वें sanshodhan के तहत सभी राज्यों के भूंमि सुधार कानूनों को संविधान की नौंवी अनूसूचि में shamil करने की बात कही गयी है।
नतीजन भूंमि संबंधी विवादों को कम करने और जनजातियों के मौलिक अधिकारों को संरक्षित करने के प्रावधान sanshodhan में किये गये हैं। प्रो हांसदा के अनुसार इसमें सीएनटी एक्ट 1908 (बंगाल एक्ट 6 आॅफ 1908) के अध्याय आठ की धारा 46, 47, 48, 48 ए, 49 और अध्याय 10 की धारा 71, 71 ए और 71 बी को shamil किया गया है।
छोनों कानूनों की इन धाराओं में अनुसूचित जाति, अनुसूचित जनजातियों, पिछड़ी जाति की जमीन की खरीद-बिक्री और उसके मुआवजे की बातें कही गयी है। साथ ही साथ संताल परगना टेंनेसी एक्ट (पूरक sanshodhan ) एक्ट 1949 की धारा 53 को छोड़ सभी धारांए shamil हैं। टीएसी सदस्य के अनुसार जहां तक थाने की बात है, वह 1908 में परिभाषित थाने हैं। उस समय पूर्वी सिंहभूम और प’िचमी सिंहभूुम में सिर्फ दो थाने थे। वह भी ghatsheela और चाईबासा थाने के रूप में जाना जाता था। उनके अनुसार किसी भी न्यायालय के पारित aadesh से 66 वें sanshodhan की बातों में और बदलाव नहीं किया जा सकता है।


22 Dec. 2011..Kapil Dev Singh Activist Award..Ceremony at Colkotta..
with Mr Arun Singh
honored By Secretary of Kapil Dev Foundation..Mr Arun Singh

after ward ceremony..with ..writers..Mr. Ravindra Bharti, Mr. Mugibul Rahman..Ge.. of Shilpkar of Hawrah Disrtict..and Arunji

Monday, February 27, 2012

MoUs- signed between the state and corporate houses as it violates the provisions of the CNT Act..AMARM

Scrap MoUs violating land act

RANCHI: The Adivasi-Moolvasi Astitva Raksha Manch (AMARM), an umbrella organization of tribals and original settlers of the state, has demanded cancellation of all memorandums of understanding (MoUs) signed between the state and corporate houses as it violates the provisions of the CNT Act.

The AMARM is also opposed to acquisition of land by the government for Indian Institute of Management and law university at Kanke and Nagri. Becouse not the state gpvt. nor the Central Govt. has taken any concent or any permission by the Gram Shabha or by the Villegers. we know verywell, its the direction of Suripe Court that nither govt. nor any private company also can acqaire the Agrecultre land for any non agrecultural use. Other side the land which is acquaring for I I M and for Law College..totaly the fertilide agreeculture land. Villagers useing three time farming in a year.. the MoU signed by the government with the corporate houses was not approved by the Tribal Advisory Council and Gram Sabha. "We want that all MoUs should be cancelled as it is against the law of the land. that the recent judgment of the Jharkhand high court on strict implementation of the CNT Act confirmed the violation.

Whither Gujarat – 10 years after the carnage! NO JUSTICE for victims & NO prison for MODI?

Whither Gujarat – 10 years after the carnage! NO JUSTICE for victims & NO prison for MODI?

On 27th February in the last century an important significant GENOCIDE was triggered.

Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor and head of the coalition government on 30 January 1933. As Chancellor, Hitler asked German President Paul von Hindenburg to dissolve the Reichstag (German parliament in Berlin) and call for a new parliamentary election. The date set for the elections was 5 March 1933. Hitler’s aim was first to acquire a National Socialist majority to secure his position and eliminate the communist opposition.

On 27 February 1933, the Reichstag was on fire. Despite the best efforts of the firemen, the building was gutted by the blaze. It was all well-known that Hitler was the mastermind of this fire!

At the time the fire was reported, Adolf Hitler was having dinner with Joseph Goebbels at Goebbels’ apartment in Berlin. Hitler, Goebbels, the Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen and Prince Heinrich Günther von Hohenzollern were taken by car to the Reichstag, where they were met by Hermann Göring. Göring told Hitler, “This is a Communist outrage! One of the Communist culprits has been arrested.” Hitler called the fire a “sign from heaven”, and claimed it was a Fanal (signal) meant to mark the beginning of a Communist Putsch (revolt).

The next day, the Preussische Pressedienst (Prussian Press Service) reported that “this act of incendiarism is the most monstrous act of terrorism carried out by Bolshevism in Germany”. The Vossische Zeitung newspaper warned its readers that “the government is of the opinion that the situation is such that a danger to the state and nation existed and still exists.” With the police infrastructure geared, opponents of the Nazis were terrorized, beaten, or sent to one of the concentration camps the Germans built to incarcerate them. Dachau, just outside of Munich, was the first such camp built for political prisoners. Dachau’s purpose changed over time and eventually became another brutal concentration camp for Jews.

The result was the massacre of Communists followed by a “Final Solution” of persecution & murder of over 6 million Jews.

By the end of 1934 Hitler was in absolute control of Germany, and his campaign against the Jews in full swing. The Nazis claimed the Jews corrupted pure German culture with their “foreign” and “mongrel” influence. They portrayed the Jews as evil and cowardly, and Germans as hardworking, courageous, and honest. The Jews, the Nazis claimed, who were heavily represented in finance, commerce, the press, literature, theater, and the arts, had weakened Germany’s economy and culture. With little opposition from most Germans and the support by the Roman Catholic church – Hitler triumphed and stirred the world!

On another 27th February of this century, another GENOCIDE was triggered:

Narendra Modi – a right wing fascist leader of the RSS (inspired by Mussolini and Hitler) in Gujarat came a long way from heading the anti corruption of Indira Gandhi government struggle in Gujarat led by JP. Driven out of Gujarat by internal caste politics of RSS-BJP – he came back in 2001, when Keshubhai Patel was removed from power due to the ebbing future of BJP after the earthquake. BJP chose Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

On 27 February 2002, 58 Hindus including 25 women and 15 children, activists of the right wing Hindu groups returning by the Sabarmati express train from Ayodhya were burnt alive in a railway coach. It’s still a secret whether Modi managed it – both Congress and BJP (the only two electoral political parties in Gujarat pin the blame on Muslims!)

Modi and his team, just like Hitler visited the train immediately after planning his response with his fascist colleagues in the government.

All hell broke loose upon the Muslims on February 28th – a pogrom – a final solution was unleashed by the FASCISTS!

A few thousand Muslims were killed, many brutally raped. Horrors of the fascist power-play imitated Berlin of the last century – wombs were pierced by trishuls and foetuses torn out, swung and burnt as if it was a ritual to the RSS patriarch-god (none existing in Hindu religion, beliefs or mythology)! Another 200 thousand Muslims lost their homes, livelihoods and environs to fascist mobs and landed in inhuman relief camps. Details of the genocide.

Like Hitler in the late 1930s, Modi reigns supremo in Gujarat as the Nero of the Hindu Gujaratis. He won two elections and clearly signaled that Gujaratis are in no mood for any reconciliation and they celebrate the rapes & murders! In his drive to change gears – he has emerged as the best Chief Minister for fostering Capitalist development. No wonder, life in Gujarat – especially for the upper-caste Hind supporters is becoming like HELL – massive pollution, privatisation of most basic services, plunder of resources by corporate sharks, LOSS OF ANY VOICE to challenge government even if all rights are lost!!!!

Even TEN YEARS after, MODI still rules! India is still a republic and democratic on paper – known as the Constitution of India! The courts are still busy discussing and still not finding any reason to address the root cause – anyone from the corridors of power who spills the bean is annihilated like Minister Pandya or arrested and harassed like cop Bhatt! In any ancient or modern society he would either have been killed or sent packing to Sabarmatijail or who knows – he may face Nero’s or Hitler’s suicidal fate!

Anti Fascist activists are being targetedbut the struggle goes on. Buts this is INDIAN DEMOCRAZY at its best– thanks to both Congress and BJP – the only two electoral parties in the world’s largest democracy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Govet. Initiates Steps to create land bank .state minister for revenue and land reforms Mathura Prasad Mahato said .13 Feb.2012

Govet. Initiates Steps to create land bank

H.T..13 Feb.2012

Survey of land to begin in Dhanbad, Dumka, Koderma and Deoghar soon-nine other districts also in pipeline

As the cry for violations of tenancy acts growing louder day by day the state government has decided to conduct the survery of land and update the records in different districts across the state.

To being with, the-exercise will br aaunched in four districts including Dhanbad, Dumka, Koderma and Deoghar. The objective of the survery is to get different types of lands classified as per the nature of possession. It will also include the area being covered by forests and those beingnutlised for exploration of minerals.

Confirming the move, state minister for revenue and land reforms Mathura Prasad Mahato said nine other districts had been identified for assessment of land to update the records of different collectorates, which of late saw surfacing of land related scams, Register 2 the most valid document related to ownership of land has been updated in various districts. This will help the government to fix the ownership right of the land which is being sold for residential purposes he said.

The minister said the department would undertake the exercise of identifying the government land. Either in others possession or unclaimed. Which could be allocated for ereation of land bank.

The department officials are also looking for satellite imaging to get exact location of land and thereby create computerized database of different nature of land.

The issue will be discussed with technical experts of Jharkhand space application Centre and the Jharkhand Agency for promotion of information technology to provide logistic solution for creation of digitized data for different nature of land the minister added.

The districts of East and West singhbhum, Seraikela Kharsawan, Khunti, Gumla, Lohardaga and Simdega are in foucus of industrial houses including Arcelor Mittal, Jindal Power and Steel Limited, Abhijit group Reliance Poweer and others for land to set up their proposed units. However, the state government unable to extend any perceptible help due to absence of any land bank.

Once the exereise is complete, we will be able to identify the land which could be allotte for industries and other purpose. The district authorities have been told to colled the data of gairmazuruwa land in all its characteristics such as aam, khas, malik, khas, mahal,celing,etc at the earliest, said Mahato, adding that the exercise might get delayed for some time as the district authorities are preoccupied with survery of agriculture related land.

The first installment of central fund worth Rs 335 crore for Swarnarekha Multipurpose Project is likely to released in a week.

H.T..13 Feb..2012

Swarnarekha project to start operating soon

First installment of central fund worth Rs. 335 crore will be released..

The first installment of central fund worth Rs 335 crore for Swarnarekha Multipurpose Project is likely to released in a week. This will mean the begging of SMP’s Centre’s accelerated irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP).

Sources told ..H.T on Sunday that the Union finance minister was in the final stage of approving the release of first installment for SMP in a day or two. This is expected to be around Rs.335 crore but will come with the timeframe of four years for completing the project. Any further delay in completing the project would mean Centre charging 13 percent annual interest on the state, sources said.

When contacted, SMP chief engineer (CE, Chandil Complex) Brajmohan Kumar told H.T that they expected the first installment to be released within a seek, We’d submitted a revised estimate of Rs. 6.613.74 crore and the government of India(Gol) has sanctioned about Rs. 4000 crore after deducting about Rs. 400-2,500 crore that has already been spent on the project” said Kumar. The project has been pending for over three decades and would provide irrigational facilities to 1,69 lakh hectares in Jharkhand, 90,000 hectares in Odisha and 5,000 hectares in west Bengal when commissioned fully. The Centre would share 90 percent of the project cost while sate the rest 10 percent.

Kumar said work of the stalled project should start in full swing as soon as the fund is released, Work is almost at a standstill in want of fund as state had allotted Rs. 60 crore(30 crore each for Chandil and Icha complexes) this fiscal of which we’ve spent about Rs. 20 crore in Chandil, said Kumar. Icha CE Ganesh Ram said they have spent about Rs. 15 crore so far and pace of work was naturally hampered.

According to kumar, work is almost complete on Chandil dam and Galudih Barrage while 100 km of the 127.85 km long Chandil left main canal is also through. We’ ve to start survey for 35-36 km long Chandil right canal that would cover the left out areas by left canal. Another fous area is building the distribution net work” said Kumar” work has not started on Gajiya Barrage and canal systems. Things would move only after central fund is released’ Added Ram.

I want to add here..Govt. have acquired total 38,587 hectare of land for this project. They have displaced 32 villages fully and 84 villages partially. Total 9,700 family and or 37,556 population have been displaced.

Govt. had promised to gave every displaced family to job and ideal rehabilitation, sufficient each family to resettlement in rehabilitation area. Govt. also promised to provide health centre, school, college, electricity, drinking water, hospital, garden and others basic needs. But I have visited 3-4 times (1998, 2003, 2006 and 2008) but govt..nothing provide tile date in the rehabilitation colony..such like chilgu, galudih and other rehabilitation colony. No job, No hospital, No house, No Electricity, No schools and colleges, No drinking water…..No Rasan..

This project have been started on 1978 for multipurpose ..such like..electricity, irrigation, drinking water and all...its destroyed ..lakh of human beings..environment, agriculture, our culture and societies ...peoples sacrifices..their life...in name of Development..but project is not completed tile date..

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I will warn you now…you will be destroyed …Nature will be die… you will not live long that which had your ancestors had occupied for you.

you have a choice between good and evil, between life and death.

If you obey the command of the NATURE –EARTH which its gave you

If you love him and keep all his laws than you will prose and become a nation of many people.

The Lord your God will bless you in the land that you are about to occupy.

But if you disobey and refuse to obey the law of Nature, refuse to listen his silent voice, disobey his Natural command ..I will warn you now…you will be destroyed …Nature will be die… you will not live long that which had your ancestors had occupied for you.

Be confidant and determined, you will lead the people of your society into the land that your Lord has promised them and He will be with you.

He let them rule the highlands and they ate what grew in the honey among the rocks

Their olive trees flourished on stony ground

Their cows and goats gave plenty of milk-they had the nest sleep, goats and cattle

Responding to Friday’s band staged under the leadership of the Singh Mansion, the opposite camp- those who are not in favour of changes in the Chhotan

12 feb..2012

Rallies, Dharna mark Day 2 of CNT dispute

Responding to Friday’s band staged under the leadership of the Singh Mansion, the opposite camp- those who are not in favour of changes in the Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNT Act) took out rallies across the Coal Belt on Saturday.

A daylong maha dharna was held in the city to mount pressure on the sated gernment for a tatal implementation of the act under the banner of the CNT Act Samarthak Sanjukta Morcha(SSM).

Those who took part in the dharna paraded through the main thoroughfares of the city and assembled at the Ramdjor Verma Chouwk where a public meeting was held. Senior district party leaders of AJSU, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and the Marxist Coordination Committee(MCC) addressed the meet and called upon their supporters to gear up for a long battle in the days to come. The meeting also resolved to form differe t groups in order to spearhead the agitation.

All the three parties, including the MCC-JMM and AJSU which have been leading the agitation in favour of the existing (CNT Act) also directed their functionaries to chalk out a ruture course of action to build up pressure on the government. These parties have formed the CNT SSM to spoarched their campaign in favour of the act and discussed their future course of action.

Earlier, leaders of the JMM including Rekha Mandal, Kansari Mandal and others led a colourful procession comprising schooldhildren, college students and motorcycle-borne youths who paraded through the main roads of the city.

Traditional musical bands played tribal music to add the attraction to the rally. No uptoward lancident, was however, reported from any part of the city.